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Configure Darkroom for Spacemacs

A little while ago I came across Pete Corey’s post on using Spacemacs and the Olivetti package to configure a minimal, distraction-free writing environment. I’ve used a similar setup for the last couple years, but my implementation uses the Darkroom…

Working with data in SQL Server 2017 and Python 3

accessing sql server with python

Here are steps you can follow to begin working with Microsoft SQL Server databases using Python. Installing SQL Server 2017 Developer I’ll begin with installing SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition. You can get it by downloading it from this page:…

Getting product data from Amazon with Python 3.7

Accessing the Amazon API with Python

A few months ago I launched an affiliate site written in Python, using the Flask web framework to serve content. The project made for an interesting (and potentially profitable!) way to learn how to build basic web apps with Python.…