Configure Darkroom for Spacemacs

A little while ago I came across Pete Corey’s post on using Spacemacs and the Olivetti package to configure a minimal, distraction-free writing environment. I’ve used a similar setup for the last couple years, but my implementation uses the Darkroom package instead of Olivetti.

Out of curiosity I decided to give Pete’s configuration a try. Unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed by Olivetti’s performance. It seems to make my whole instance of Emacs abnormally slow.

Since I’ve never run into comparable performance issues with Darkroom, I decided to throw together some quick instructions on how others can get it working.

Darkroom for Spacemacs

Start by installing Darkroom from Normally users add packages to Spacemacs via a configuration layer but, as far as I can tell, no such layer exists for Darkroom. That means we’ll need add it to Spacemacs as an individual package.

Open your configuration settings with

SPC f e d

and insert the Darkroom settings inside dotspacemacs-additional-packages.

dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(

  (darkroom :location
    (recipe :fetcher github :repo "joaotavora/darkroom"))


Alternatively you can see Pete’s instructions in the linked post above on creating a separate layer, but for Darkroom instead of Olivetti. Either way works.

Next we’ll need an easy way to trigger Darkroom, so let’s create a keyboard shortcut for it. I prefer

SPC z d

where z calls zoom functionality, and d toggles Darkroom mode.

(defun dotspacemacs/user-config ()
  (spacemacs|add-toggle darkroom-mode
    :status darkroom-mode
    :on (darkroom-mode)
    :off (darkroom-mode -1)
    :documentation "Turn on darkroom mode."
    :evil-leader "zd")

From there, reload the Spacemacs config file with

SPC f e R

which will initiate Darkroom’s download and install. Spacemacs may need to be closed and re-opened to complete the install.

Once you toggle on Darkroom, you can adjust the left and right margin size with


The default Darkroom font size is typically okay for me, but it is possible to scale fonts up and down with

SPC z x

and then hit – or = as needed.

And there you have it. Another minimal, distraction-free coding and writing setup in Spacemacs. Enjoy!

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